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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm a Fool - Stay

Very! Very! Sweet

Authors: JiSang Shin, Geo
Volumes: 8
Publisher: Yen Press

Brief Summary:

This series centers around a half-Japanese, half-Korean boy who has been sent to Korea to learn about that side of himself. Right away, he meets his neighbor Be-Ri. They do not hit it off at first, but end up becoming close simply for proximity's sake. The plot focuses on the romances of these two, their friends and family.

For a manhwa, Very! Very! Sweet has a tame plot. Manhwa seems, to me at least, to veer off on insane flights of fancy more so than manga. Well, maybe not more, but the situations always seem even weirder. One of the series I am reading, the heroine's sidekick is a cactus that can talk, has a girl's name (Beatrice), and changes into a boy once a month. Huh?! How did someone make that up? And, more importantly, why? Anyway, that was a long way of saying that this series doesn't do that.

This is fairly typical shoujo fare. It was pretty cute and kept me engaged fairly well. Unlike a lot of manga series, this one did not seem to carry on unnecessarily. The ending did not quite flush out all of the story elements I would have liked to see wrapped up, which was somewhat irritating. Most notable were the two cats, Gu-Nyang and Doki. They're pretty cute, although I do not care much for the art style used for Gu-Nyang. Still, I adore cats, and the authors seem to have captured cat behavior really well.

If you really like shoujo, then this one is worth reading, but I only recommend it to hardcore fans. There is better stuff out there.

"I’m even sorry that these words are so late
But I’m waiting here for you shamelessly

Will you by chance come back tomorrow?

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