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A Reader of Fictions: My Beloved Monster - Eels

A Reader of Fictions

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Friday, March 25, 2011

My Beloved Monster - Eels

I Love Him to Pieces

Author: Evonne Tsang
Illustrator: Janina Görrissen
Pages: 132
Publisher: Graphic Universe

Made for Each Other

Author: Paul D. Storrie
Illustrator: Eldon Cowgur
Pages & Publisher: Same as above

These two graphic novels are the first in a new series (My Boyfriend Is a Monster) that aims to capitalize on the popularity of monsters with teens. The first book involves the zombie menace and the second Frankenstein's monster. Both cap out at 132 pages, which is short to begin with and even shorter in graphic novel form. Reading both of these probably took a distracted half hour total.

The art for the two volumes, though done by different illustrators, was pretty consistent. While not my favorite graphic art style, it was acceptable and matched the stories well. I preferred the Made for Each Other overall, because the story was executed better. The first half of I Love Him to Pieces jumped around in time without warning. I kept thinking that I had somehow skipped a page, because the scene would jump in the middle of a conversation. Perhaps the original version was too long, so pages were removed a bit willy-nilly?

Overall, both stories were fairly cute little romances and had humorous moments (like puns - e.g. the titles). I do not plan to continue on with the series myself, but, if you're bored (impossible to imagine though that may be!) at the library, they will fill a bit of time enjoyably.

"My beloved monster and me
We go everywhere together"

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