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A Reader of Fictions: Top Ten Book Worlds I Wish I Could Have Adventures In

A Reader of Fictions

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top Ten Book Worlds I Wish I Could Have Adventures In

Or, I Want to Go to There

This week's posting emanated from a conversation I had with my bff last week. She said something about how we go on lots of adventures together and that, btw, she knows a guy. I said, "what the what?" as this did not make any sense at all. She responded, about a day later, that she knows a guy with some unicorns. Needless to say, this did not make me less confused. I asked for clarification, and eventually heard back that she meant it as a metaphorical example of our adventures. Anyway, end result was that I said I wished life were like a YA novel, so that we totally could have adventures with unicorns (although hopefully not the Diana Peterfreund kind). So, for this week's top ten list, here are the top ten book worlds (books defined as any sort of written material, for adults, children or teens) that Jordan and I would have amazing adventures in.

10. Ash/Huntress by Malinda Lo

Jordan, this one is all for you, so enjoy it. I actually haven't read this book yet (or the sequel, shown here because it has the much more interesting cover), but I had to include it. The premise is some sort of fantasy with faeries and an ass-kicking young lady. Who likes ladies. I'm guessing adventures will be had. I'll just try to keep myself entertained elsewhere (knowing that my kicks will come later in the adventures). Get it!

9. Janet Evanovich

It's pretty safe to say that this might not be Jordan's dream vacation on the surface, but Janet Evanovich's books (pretty much any) promise five things: so much laughter you'll have great abs by the time you're done, hot guys (yes!), ample quantities of delicious food, cute animals and shenanigans around every corner. This is a joint we could rock. Everyone is the kind of crazy we are, only in a world just as nuts. There is no way we would be bored during our travels through the world of Evanovich.

8. Shakespeare

Here's the second non-selfish selection. I'm gonna be honest: most of this list is for me, although I am sure Jordan would have fun. This one is totally for her more than me. Don't get me wrong, I really love a number of Shakespeare plays, but I probably wouldn't go just for me (you know those folks must smell awful). Also, we will never be able to stay for the end of the tragedies or historical plays, because we'll have to get out of Dodge. Actually, we should probably flee the comedies too, lest we wind up wedded to some poor saps. Of course, even better might be to travel with Doctor Who and go meet Shakespeare himself (but this is for books only, so this will have to do). I'll be Rosencrantz and you can be Guildenstern. Or was I Guildenstern?

7. His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman

Specifically, I want to go to Lyra's Oxford where everyone had a daemon, a little animal pal that was part of their soul. First of all, animals = adorable. Second of all, you'd never be alone, not that I would be, since I have a traveling companion on this particular hypothetical journey. Lastly, we'd be in England. I want to go to England so badly, but extra special England might be even better, especially if A Midsummer Night's Dream with David Tennant and Catherine Tate is showing. (Shut up with your reality; this is my fantasy, dammit, so if I say it's playing, it is!)

6. Tortall - Tamora Pierce

Like number two on this list, Tamora Pierce's novels set in Tortall are fantasy, set in a historical setting. The characters often have some sort of power or they just kick ass naturally. If that's not enough to interest you, consider the fact that in these books, female characters get lots of attractive men to choose from (after trying a number of them on for size...ahem, which they can do safely thanks to anti-baby herbs...Is anyone else offended that modern science cannot make this happen?). Jordan, while I don't know of any glbt characters in these books, I bet you can find some; you just need to find the lady in the lesbian pants. I mean, tunic? Kirtle? What did they even wear back then? This is the setting for us to have some slightly more serious epic adventures. It might be nice to learn how swordplay and archery, right? Someone's going to need to learn some survival skills!

5. The Thursday Next Series - Jasper Fforde

As two librarians on the town, what possibility could be more attractive than the prospect of being able to hang out in a novel!? This selection is so very meta. In The Eyre Affair, the first book of the series, Thursday spends much of her time in Jane Eyre. While not perhaps my first choice of a novel to visit, I want so badly to live in a world where I could venture into my favorite novels. Or have characters therefrom venture out, like Hamlet, Jordan's home slice (Edam, to be precise) Hamlet. Besides, Fforde's always hilarious, so you know we'd have a great time reading snarky footnotes and changing the endings of romance novels (just to see who notices).

4. Sarah Addison Allen

Unlike most of my other selections, Sarah Addison Allen's books are not fantasies per se. Allen makes use of magical realism to imbue our world with magic. I just adore the subtle magic of her stories, like food that can enhance emotions. I wish real life were like this. For reals. If I had to live in one of these worlds forever, this might be my top choice, well, except for number one. The 'world' of Allen's novels is like real life, only a touch better and more wondrous. Not sure how I feel about the new cover here, though.

3. X-Men

You will notice soon that my top three choices all involve having some sort of power, be it magical or evolutionary. My secret is out: I want to be super powerful! Who doesn't want at least one of these powers? The X-Men are my favorite of the comic book superheroes, because their powers are so diverse and awesome. Plus, you can have better story lines and drama with a bunch of characters than just one or two. Of course, I'm not so sure that I'd look good in all the leather the actual X-Men wear, so I think we would just be students and have various school adventures. Or something.

2. Graceling - Kristin Cashore

I know Graceling isn't super fun times all the time for those that live there, but the powers and everything are just too awesome for me to pass up. Sure, this might not be Jordan's first choice, but what are friends for but to indulge the whims of their friends (at least when the whims are mine!). For those who don't know, Graceling is set in a fantasy world (historical in setting, with kings and horse riding) where some people have two-colored eyes. These people are known as gracelings and each one has a special power. It can be something super serial, like the ability to kill or mind control, or it can be something pretty much useless. Anyway, I want to travel here and have eyes of two colors and some random power, even though I'm pretty certain Jordan and I would get the most ridiculous powers possible, but at least we could laugh about it.

1. Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling

Who didn't secretly, or not so secretly, wish for their Hogwarts letter to come in the mail? I know I did, even though I was already over thirteen. Maybe their had been a mix up in the Owlery, but surely my message would arrive any day. Now that I'm 23, I'm fairly certain it's not coming, but, if it did, I would be there in a second. The world of Harry Potter is just so perfect for adventures, although certainly Jordan and my adventures would be more of the hilarious and intellectual than the world-saving. We would use our magical powers (you saw that coming by now right?) for the pursuit of fun, as well as of cute warlocks (for me) and witches (for Jordan). Oh, and I will totally be an animagus! Hey JoJo, the first round of butterbeer is on me!



Blogger Heather said...

For some reason, I imagine you guys on the back of a giant unicorn, riding into the sunset. Eventually, you would spot a narwhal poking its massive head out of the ocean. Did I forget to mention the ocean? Yeah, there's an ocean in this vision. I have no idea why.

This just gave me an idea for a list! I will link back to you when I get around to making it.

May 27, 2011 at 12:44 PM  
Blogger mimz said...

I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts letter. You're never too old to go to (wizard) school! :D

March 31, 2012 at 6:22 AM  
Blogger Owl In A Cloak said...

Totally agreed on these. Although, in place of Sarah Addison Allen, I would choose the realm of Narnia :)

April 2, 2012 at 8:46 PM  

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