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A Reader of Fictions: Someday We'll Be Together - The Supremes

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Someday We'll Be Together - The Supremes

Firelight, Book 2

Author: Sophie Jordan
Pages: 304
ARC Acquired from: HarperCollins via NetGalley

It's late and I'm feeling lazy so there's no summary for this one. Vanish is the sequel to Firelight, which I had high hopes for and was exceedingly disappointed by. At the end of my review of that one, I declared my distaste for it and had no intention of continuing on. Still, when I saw Vanish come up on NetGalley, I couldn't resist it.

Suffice it to say that Vanish fits with its predecessor. I will not harp on the problems that remain from the first, because I already knew they would be there and that's my bad. Overall, I think I liked this one better, probably because I knew to lower my expectations considerably.

The one thing I really need to point out that's unique to this one is that Jacinda is really dumb. She's in trouble and has a chance to save herself (by pointing out to Severin how she can maybe save someone else)...but she doesn't. Also, why can draki not shift at will? Some are tied up in draki form at one point, which could probably be escaped easily by shifting...only they don't. Why not? Because of plot points?

Another problem: I'm totally starting to ship Cassian with her rather than Will. She and Will are just too gross together. Although Will is maybe getting more interesting...which bodes poorly, as I will probably read the next book too, wondering why I've done so the whole time.

"You're far away
From me my love (say it, baby)
And just as sure my, my baby
As there are stars above
I wanna say it, wanna say it, wanna say it

Someday we'll be together
Oh, yes, we will, yes, we will
(Say it) Someday (some sweet day) we'll be together
I know, I know, I know, I know

My love is yours, baby
Oh, right from the start (baby, honey)
You, you, you posses my soul now, honey
And I know, I know you own my heart"

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