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A Reader of Fictions: Rest in Peace from Once More, with Feeling

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rest in Peace from Once More, with Feeling

Buffy Season 8, Volume 3:
Wolves at the Gate

Author: Drew Goddard
Pages: 130
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics (who tried to give me this via NetGalley, but failed...thankfully, the local library had this one, although not the whole series)

Brief Summary:
Volume 3 begins with some wolves appearing at the gate of Buffy's fortress. If you didn't see that one coming, you should probably pay more attention to titles. Well, actually, I lied; First there's a throwaway chapter intended for amusement and some plot point moving along, but that's not actually part of a story arc. Anyway, back to the wolves. They run in, turn into vampires, steal Buffy's axe, toss it to a witch who flies away with it, and then turn to fog as the slayers try to do their thing. It's on.

This volume was so entirely Joss Whedon to a T. He still hates happiness. And Buffy still likes leading folks on, thus the song for today. Anyone surprised? But seriously, why does Joss believe that happy couples should never be allowed to actually remain happy? Either someone has to become a jackass and not marry that person, or sex turns someone evil, or one of the two has to die. There are no other options in the Whedon-verse. Sigh. So if you're coming to a Whedon show for the sweet romances, well, don't.

What you should come here for is the relationship between Dracula and Xander. I am so shipping their friendship right now; just to be clear, I do not want them to be more than friends. They have such a humorous dynamic. It would be just like Xander to become besties with the most famous vampire of all time, who totally gets dressed up to see Xander. Oh the adorable and the jokes.

The big showdown at the end was definitely a forum only to cause movements of characters for later segments and for Joss to hate happiness. Other than that, it wasn't really that huge of a fight. I think this was the best volume in season 8 so far, though.

"You know,
You got a willing slave
And You just love to play the thought
That you might misbehave"

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