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A Reader of Fictions: Rolling Star - Yui

A Reader of Fictions

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rolling Star - Yui

Katana, Book 1

Author: Cole Gibsen
Pages: 377
ARC Acquired from: Flux Books via NetGalley

Brief Summary:
For most people, the side effects of an attempted mugging might be loss of money, fear of public places and perhaps shame at not having been able to defend oneself. Rileigh Martin worries afterwards, but her problem is that she beat up three muggers. Ever since, she's been having dreams set in feudal Japan. Either she's crazy or she has the spirit of a samurai warrior. Complicating life further, she's being stalked by an (admittedly hot) Asian guy named Kim and the boy she's been crushing on for months finally asked her out. What's a girl to do?

I love books about people with powers. This is probably obvious based on what I read; this is why I continue to be interested in every paranormal book, even though they are ten a penny these days. Honestly, I still fantasize about attending Hogwarts or humanity devoloping X-Men like powers. That would be the best.

I also happen to be fascinated with Japanese culture. Even more so, I love me some hot Asian boys. All of these things equaled me being totally excited about this book. Actually, it turns out that I wasn't a huge fan of Kim, the hot Asian guy; he's too mysterious, protective and melodramatic for my tastes. Still, I want there to be a movie version of this, and I suggest Harry Shum Jr. to play Kim. Just think about it.

He can be my soulmate any time.

Okay...focus. Although there were some awesome things, like my mental movie starring Harry Shum Jr., there were some things did really get my goat about this book, though. Mostly, they had to do with Rileigh making the worst possible decision at all times, like when she'll think someone's trying to trap her into coming to them, so she'll go there to give them a message about how she's not going to have anything do with him/her.

Or, more frustratingly, when she decides to test her fighting powers by going to a biker bar and starting a fight. It works and she successfully injures one person in a big crowd. Then, she decides to jump in the car and run away, only she hasn't incapacitated anyone in this crowd. So, of course, they begin to destroy her car with her inside it, because she can't turn it on. Even if she did manage to turn the car on, her best case would be running some people over and probably getting in trouble for it, since she went to the bar spoiling for a fight. She should have either a) not decided to test her powers this way or b) kept fighting, because her samurai mojo totally could take care of her out of the car.

My favorite character was probably Quentin; I only wish there could have been more done with him. Whatever. If anyone needs a sassy gay friend to ask "what, what, what are you doing?" it's Rileigh. Actually, why didn't he ask her that? If Gibsen had included that, I would have laughed forever.

So yeah, this book was not particularly well-constructed plot-wise. I pretty much knew everything that was going to happen within the first couple of chapters. There weren't any surprises, because it was all standard plot devices. However, I did really enjoy reading this, because, well, it was super fun.

Rating: 3/5

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Blogger Nori said...

Haha! Why didn't her editor just get rid of that awful biker bar scene????

March 8, 2012 at 11:09 AM  

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